Rainy days and scotch pies

After a record FOUR weeks with pretty much NO RAIN, it has finally cracked and we woke up to that ghastly sound of precipitation bouncing of the roof tiles. I thought the sun always shines on
Tiree. Like the song. After a mild panic about how to entertain the ferrets indoors with hardly any props we decided to cut our losses and head to the one rainy day option on the island – SOFT PLAY! Once again the Gods were smiling down and it was closed when we got there but in true Hebridean style the rain had already blown over and they were delighted with a trip to the play park which I’ve managed to avoid for two years*.

Our week is nearly over and I can sense a post-Tiree decline looming. I’m sure it’s being compounded by my atrocious ‘anything goes’ diet this week. My effective ‘low carb, no snacking between meals’ approach (1 stone off, hurrah!) has gone to pot as I’ve tucked into crisps, chocolate and biscuits and washed it all down with beer, cider and wine. image

I’ve been eating meals in between snacks and things reached an all-time low yesterday with the consumption of a scotch pie. HELP. The thought of not eating homemade bread smothered in Nutella makes me weep but I don’t want to go back to where I was at the beginning of the year. Maybe it’s just the sea air…

*nothing at all against play parks. It’s just the principle of the thing when you have access to miles and miles of empty beaches.

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  1. It has been scientifically proven that sea air makes you burn calories at twice the normal rate, no wait that should be consume. Don’t worry – if you can not get back on your low carb no snack wagon I can send you Linda’s maternity wardrobe…

  2. Seriously, there’s a soft play on Tiree?! That’s the last box ticked …we’ll be booking up for next year! Xx

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