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In May 2013 my family and I took the plunge and moved out of our rented bungalow in central Scotland to relocate to the Kintyre penisula (i.e. the bit of Scotland that looks really like a willy*) and take over the running of my husband’s family’s 200 year old estate.  We  moved in to the castle and any delusions about living the Downton Abbey dream were soon dashed as I realised the monumental work involved in running the place and looking after our two wee girls, aged 2 and 4. Twatting about the grounds in period costume isn’t part of the deal sadly.

The bulk of the business is self-catering holidays in our 2 cottages, one farmhouse and one castle apartment and my main role in this is laundry assistant. I’m fine with that. Honestly. I’ve been promised a promotion to Head of Marketing one day but not until I’ve mastered the folding of fitted sheets.

See more about our lovely holiday cottages on our proper, grown-up website.- www.torrisdalecastle.com.

I started the blog to record the experience so I would have something to look back on to see how far we’ve come and just to remember the big things and the small things.

UPDATE THREE YEARS ON: I can now fold fitted sheets, bring logs in, joint a rabbit, and have almost mastered the Aga.

Do get in touch!

PS If you are wondering about the title, I was stuck for ideas and then read this incredible story. It just had a certain ring to it…


*well it DOES!!!




  1. I recently discovered your blog and enjoy reading it. I live in Phoenix, Arizona but enjoy all things Scotland, Scottish castles in particular.

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