So it’s not a bad place to live! It’s helped that the sun has shone since we arrived. The kids have gone feral already and haven’t worn shoes for three days. I think I’ve washed once. Meh, it’s the country. Who cares?
The unpacking will be gradual but that’s ok. It’s made me wonder, what do you really need day-to-day except for sunshine and WiFi? I suspect there is a dose of mental in the post though. I had an internal radge about missing my yogurt maker earlier before I gave myself a virtual face-slap and got a grip. I think that is what is classed as a First World Problem. Or just a Middle Class Twat problem.

Now all that’s needed is sleep. After a couple of crap nights while they ‘settled in’ ( they’re in THEIR OWN BEDS), the kids are now coughing like SARS patients and waking us up frequently. It prompted our first trip to the doctor’s surgery, “where everybody knows your name…” and your sordid history of STDs. Which is nice.

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So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Adieu #2

ER 425This was a biggie. We said farewell to our fabulous granny yesterday, who passed away last Friday aged 100.

She was stoical, formidable,  inappropriately loud, occasionally tactless, very loving, sometimes terrifying, usually hilarious, beautifully coiffed and manicured always, a fashionista, a world traveller, a true blue Aussie girl. She was granny, great granny, mega G, Granny Bling,  whiskey and pearls, knitting and cards, bready butts* in bed and christmas pud, straight backs and best foot forward, “never a borrower or a lender be” , “I’m as old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth”. She was a legend.

*bready butts was granny’s name for fairy bread, a delicacy comprised of white sliced bread spread thickly with butter and topped with a generous sprinkling of sugar.  I think that’s what’s been missing from my life lately. Pass the mother’s pride…

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So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Adieu #1

wpid-Work.jpgLast day in gainful employment – DONE.

I feel very strange. I was fighting back the tears walking through the revolving door this morning (getting in stuck in it one last special time. FFS)  but pulled myself together for the obligatory presentation. It was very sweet. Not least because of my fabulous leaving pressie of Orla Kiely cake tins. I don’t think the men in the room shared my excitement. I was also given a very special present by a dear colleague with whom I’ve had some ups and downs*. She gave me some beautiful birchwood crochet hooks. I was SO touched. She also had a more than a hand in chosing the tins which makes them extra special. She knows me so well.

So the new adventure is getting closer and I feel that’s one big change dealt with. A million more to go.

*I admit it, I can be a grumpy, intolerant cow. I’m trying to change. (No I’m not).

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On Your Marks…Get Set…Have a Wobbly….

It’s the two week countdown to our Big Move and unfortunately I’ve remembered how bad I am at change. I am VERY excited about being there and starting a new life blahblahblah but I just wish we could do it Wizard of Oz style and be picked up and dropped off, house and all. But then the house would have to be taken back actually, as it’s not ours. So we’d still have to pack everything.  Bad analogy.  It would also be great if my lovely friends and family could come too so I wouldn’t have to deal with the horrors of saying farewell.  But I know they will visit and we will come back from time to time and anyway, like I keep saying, it’s not freakin’ New Zealand*…

It’s about time I Got A Grip. Pass the bubble wrap…

*no offence at all to freakin’ New Zealand, it’s just that it’s so FAR! My lovely sister-in-law lives there and everything.

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