Joke’s over….

It was very strange coming back here after our holiday instead of the old place. For the first time I’ve thought ok, it’s been great but can we go home now please? It’s not that I don’t love it here, just that I MISS MY MUM! And dad and sister and friends and Tesco delivery and an emergency wine option and mobile reception and going to work (no, really).
I’m handling this downer really well though by being stroppy and bad-tempered to everyone. Which is nice.

Things took a turn for the better this morning when I accidentally had a cup of normal tea after a day of herbal muck yesterday. I immediately felt amazing! And the dull headache I woke up with went instantly. Clearly I am a caffeine addict! Hooray. I thought I was just mental. I’ll choose my detox weeksdays more wisely next time. (Never).

I’ve also given myself a new project which is making me feel more human and less like a deranged mother tiger. The reality of being a stay at-home-mum has also sunk in this week as I’ve struggled to cope with the bickering and screaming. Three minutes of calm, happy play is all I can hope for before piercing screams destroy the peace and I am forced to intervene with my own piercing screams. I need to revisit Bhuddism for Mothers*.

Anyway, the project is to clear out the playroom and turn it into a family room. It’s a lovely bright room and has so much potential but is rammed to the gunnels with four generations worth of trash I mean treasure I mean trash…
It’s a thin line.


And also a political nightmare when it’s not your stuff but I like to think I was ruthless yet diplomatic. Survivors include all the 1950s and 60s children’s books and toys (even the creepy ones) but sadly my brother-in-law’s Thundercats(tm) lampshades are off to the tip.

* I say revisit, I didn’t get beyond chapter 2. Highly recommend though!

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New things

There are lots of fabulous new things in my life at the moment. It goes with the territory of moving into a very old, well-established house.
In no particular order of my excitement upon acquisition…

#1 An Aga. Initially I was ever so slightly, WTF?? But I am growing to love this way of cooking. You basically shove whatever it is in the very hot oven and try not to forget about it. For slow cooking, and soup or stock, you shove it in the cooler oven and it doesn’t really matter if you forget about it. No preheating so it’s always good to go. The down side of this is that the kitchen is always a hundred degrees and it also costs a million pounds to run. May not be a keeper.

#2 A Kenwood mixer. LOVE this. I’ve always wanted one. This particular one belonged to my husband’s grandfather! Love that it’s got history. I tried it out by making mayonnaise with freshly collected eggs. Get me!

#3 Stairs. We lived in a bungalow before. I feel like Sherpa Tensing whenever I’m lugging a small child/washing basket/armful of random crap we’ve been tripping over, up stairs.

#4 Pulley. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It’s above the Aga so everything dries in super quickly. Genius invention. No more airing our clean laundry in public.

20130611-075915.jpg#5 Olivia Ida Goodlet. My new niece! I am an auntie for the first time and super excited. She is GORGEOUS and perfect and her name is like a beautiful poem. She lives in New York but we will get to know her on Skype and will try to visit before she turns 15.

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